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About Us

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Step back in time aboard the last operating steam train excursion in New York State. We are an authentic operating short line railroad. We hold the distinction of being one of the last “common carriers” — running freight and passenger trains weekly. Welcome aboard the train to yesterday…

Your journey aboard the Arcade & Attica Railroad begins before you even board the train. As you enter the historic station, you are surrounded by the history of railroading in America. Tour our historic station and view all the exhibits, from antique railroad lanterns to switch locks and even an old switch stand. Nostalgic original photographs depict an era of days gone by. Next, you pass our authentic ticket office, where the ticket master will be glad to sell you tickets for the day’s train trip. Tour our small gift shop and snack bar while waiting to board your train. With an “all aboard,” the whistle blows, and the whoosh of the air brakes releasing can be heard. Very soon, the engineer gets the train up to speed and you are on your way, enjoying your 90-plus-minute ride through history. Along the way, you will see a few glimpses of the modern day; for the most part, though, the trip is through the countryside and farmlands that have remained virtually unchanged since the line was originally laid in the 1880s.

a bench in front of a houseThe journey into the Curriers Depot is quite enjoyable, as there is no ride like that behind a steam engine. Once at the depot, the locomotive uncouples from the train, moves onto a siding, and stops, where you are free to look at the engine, take pictures, and talk with the crew as they prepare the diesel for her return journey. As the engine begins to move once more, moving tender first, the engineer blows the whistle for the crossing. The conductor throws the switch, and the engine moves forward once more to couple up with the end of the train.

With three sharp reports on the whistle, the engine slowly backs up for the return trip to Arcade. Whistling once again for the crossing, the engine picks up speed, and before you know it, you are once again immersed in nature. This time, ride on the open gondola, which is now directly in front of the engine. As the train climbs the hill, coming out of Curriers, listen to the enchanting sounds of the exhaust steam as the engine chugs on. Finally, arriving back in Arcade, watch as they uncouple the engine from the train.

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Throughout the year, we offer special excursions, some powered by our steamer, others by our vintage World War II-era diesel engine. Our regular excursions run every weekend from Memorial Day Weekend until the last full weekend of September. The month of October is Fall Foliage month, and we will be operating on an extended schedule that includes Fridays and two trains each day on the weekends.

Our passenger excursions are powered by one of our two World War II-era diesel-electric locomotives, which are also used weekly in our freight operations. Both engines were built by General Electric at their locomotive facility in Erie, PA. The 44-ton center cab No111 was built in 1947 and delivered new to the Arcade & Attica Railroad. No112 was built in 1945 and delivered to the United States Navy. The A&A purchased the engine from the City of Colorado Springs Railroad in 1988 to supplement the ailing engine No111.